Stress free online backups to give you piece of mind for your business data!

Protect More

Webworx BackupWorx seamlessly integrates with today’s most popular operating systems and applications to provide you the flexibility to backup as little as one file, a specific application (such as Exchange), an entire server, or anything in between.

Recover Anything Faster

You want the ability to recover whatever you need, whenever you need it! BackupWorx supports file level recovery as well volumes, applications or entire machines.

Simple Management

Backup redundancy shouldn’t mean using two solutions. Webworx BackupWorx Hybrid Cloud architecture empowers you to manage both local and cloud-based backup and recovery in one solution all from the comfort of your office.

BackupWorx is a complete backup solution.

Allowing you to backup your entire office data including servers and workstations, both locally and to our cloud, in a secure, easy to use, and competitively priced solution without any large upfront costs for software or hardware.

More backups, less data

You can’t backup everything all the time – or can you?  BackupWorx True Delta technology backs up the changed blocks within a file so you never need to backup entire files, volumes, or machines, yet everything your customers value is backed up.

Optimized backups

BackupWorx ensures the smallest, fastest, most intelligent backups possible by using Deep Deduplication, Altered Data Tracking and WAN Optimization technologies. Backups complete as quickly as possible – without impacting customers’ Internet connection or their business.

Local Backup Storage

No Internet would normally mean no backup. With BackupWorx Hybrid-Cloud backups, local storage provides a redundant backup repository so you can rest assured your backup schedule is functional and your data is always being backed up – even in the event of an Internet outage.

Data Archiving

In case you want that data just a little longer. If you want to keep your data beyond the regular backup retention period BackupWorx data can easily be archived, allowing you quick, easy access and enabling you to meet compliance objectives, such as HIPAA, should the need arise.

File Versioning

Keep as many copies as you need. Files that change less frequently can ‘drop out’ of the configured backup retention. File versioning lets you specify minimum number of file versions to retain, mandating files to be included and improving recoverability.

Faster Recovery, Always

You need your operations recovered immediately. Webworx BackupWorx hybrid approach – with backup storage both locally and in the cloud – allow it to auto-select the fastest recovery source (and it’s not always local) for the given data set.

Private Key Encryption

Once backed up, only you should be able to access your data. Private key encryption (AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit, or 448-bit Blowfish) ensures only the owner of the key – you – can recover and access your data, eliminating any unauthorized access.

Security Focused Storage

Ultra-safe. ultra-secure. Your data is stored in our certified data center in Australia. The BackupWorx data center is ISO certified, provides a 99.999% uptime guarantee and has 24/7 physical security.

Remote Discovery & Deployment

An entire network backed up with a single install. Automated deployment is as simple as installing a single backup client that discovers the remaining systems within your network. Getting your network backups up and running enterprise-wide is as easy as a single client install.

Real time alerts for failed backups

Even the backups designed to protect from system failure can fail themselves. So it’s important to know the when, where and why (hopefully) of backup failures the moment they happens. Receive email reports on the state of your backups, storage use, data selected and the success/failure of each job.

Multi-platform Capabilities

With support for all major OS platforms, Windows, Linux and MAC OS X and all major databases and application support, onsite and offsite backup storage and backup coverage for workstations and servers – both physical and virtual – BackupWorx has every part of your backup covered.

Continuous Recovery

You don’t need to wait on for a disaster in order to start a recovery. BackupWorx can automatically send daily delta changes to a VM, keeping it continuously updated.  So when a failure happens, recovery is just a click away. Business continuity as it should be.


  • Hybrid solution, giving you the best of both worlds, cloud and local storage.
  • Deduplication technology at a file and block level. BackupWorx breaks your files into pieces and compares each peice to what has already been protected. Only changed pieces of files are then backed up, allowing incredible performance for Backup and Restore.
  • Multiple disaster recovery models including Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) allowing recovery to a VM, or Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) allowing restore to equal or similar hardware.
  • Single file and previous version recovery.
  • Your data is encrypted before it is sent to our data center, not after it arrives. Your data is always encrypted.
  • Seeding service available for your initial backup via external hard drive, which saves you from using your internet connection for the initial large data transfer.
  • Complete control over scheduling of your backups.
  • Traffic shaping, or bandwidth throttling so that you can still work with your internet connection while backups are being performed.

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