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How to Use Plus Addressing

In this article, you can learn:

  • What is Plus Addressing?
  • How to Use Plus Addressing in cPanel
  • Deliver emails directly to Inbox with Plus Addressing

This article describes how to use the plus addressing feature in cPanel. By formatting an email address using the “+” symbol, you can send email messages directly to a specific folder in your email.

What is Plus Addressing?

Plus addressing involves using the plus (+) symbol in the email address you are sending the message to. With cPanel’s latest feature, they incorporate using this format to automatically deliver the message to the specified folder within your email account.

There is no need to enable this feature because it is enabled by default. Read on to learn how it can help you keep your email organized.

How to Use Plus Addressing in cPanel

One of the best features of plus addressing is there is no setup required!

For instance, if you send an email to, then exampl3 will receive the email and cPanel will look for a folder named “mgmt”. If the folder exists, it will deliver it (skipping the inbox) to that folder. If the folder does not exist, then by default, the folder will be created and delivered to it.

You may want to create some folders to organize your emails to prepare your inbox for the use of plus addressing. If you create a folder to use with plus addressing, do not set a parent folder for it. Plus addressing only works for top-level folders.

If you have not created the folder that the email message was delivered to, then cPanel will automatically create the folder for you. However, you may not see this folder/message until you subscribe to the folder.

Deliver emails directly to Inbox with Plus Addressing

Although you can not disable plus addressing, you can disable the auto-creation of the folders. Follow the steps below to disable plus addressing folder creation.

  1. Log in to the cPanel account that owns the domain/email account you want to disable this feature on.
  2. Navigate to Email Accounts.
  3. Click on MANAGE, next to the email account you want to disable folder creation on.
  4. Under the PLUS ADDRESSING heading, click on the Do Not Automatically Create Folders radio button.
  5. Click the UPDATE EMAIL SETTINGS button.

That’s it! Now any emails that include plus addressing will be sent to the inbox if the folder does not exist.