Today’s hosting requirements are very different to 10 years ago. Many businesses are now realising the advantages of having a website built with a Content Management System or CMS. These can be custom built to suit your specific needs, or there are many pre-built systems out there that your site can be built around. Some of the more popular and well known ones are Joomla and WordPress.

Our hosting servers have been built with CMS systems specifically in mind. We offer a range of plans to suit your business size, and our server configurations are setup to run a large range of varying systems. Whether your system requires PHP and MySQL, or ASP.NET and MSSQL we have a plan to suit you.

We also have over 200 easy install Applications, including Free systems like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. You can install these with a few clicks of your mouse button from within our control panel. You can even have our Control Panel update your CMS to the latest version as they come out. For more information please speak to our sales staff.

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