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Cloud Hosting

Is Cloud Hosting more suited to your needs?

Traditionally, and for the first 5-10 years we were in the hosting business, all of our services were run on individual dedicated servers. In recent years, “Cloud” has become a commonly used term in the IT industry, and tends to be used to describe a number of different technologies depending on which part of the industry you are in.

The Webworx Cloud, in simple terms, is a large cluster of servers, specifically built for hosting websites, email systems, and even for running your business applications in. All of our shared services are now run within our cloud.

The advantage of this is, unlike traditional dedicated servers, there is no single point of failure. If a CPU or RAM in a dedicated server became faulty in a dedicated server, the entire server became inoperable until this hardware was replaced. With the Webworx Cloud however, an entire server can become inoperable, but the other servers in the cluster continue providing CPU and ram resources so that as a customer, you do not even know there is a problem.

Additionally, data storage is also in a completely separate and redundant NAS. This means again there is no single point of failure, a hard drive can fail and your websites will still continue running as if nothing is wrong.

For customers with larger websites and for those that require dedicated resources, you can now purchase your own Webworx Cloud Server. We can configure servers to meet your specific needs, and all servers are not only fully redundant and secure, they are completely scalable (Yes, you can add additional CPU’s, RAM and Storage space at the click of a few buttons.)